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Are you feeling unhappy? Not comfortable in your own skin? Fill in the Questionnaire and find out in which categories your symptomes lie.


Read here all you need to know about your symptomes and find useful tips on how to actively work on your own health.


Get more insight in your emotions, the factors that sustain your issues and the factors that can be part of the solution.


Keep track of your mood and activities in your personal iloveme journal.


Get support and advise, in an anonymous and safe environment, from people that experience the same issues as you.


Find the best coaches in your environment in one click, and schedule an appointment right away.

Why iloveme?

Are you experiencing symptoms in one of the following areas? Stress, Mood, Anxiety, Food, Sleeping, Addiction, Work, Relationship, Sexuality, Agression or Memory, and do you want to actively work on these issues? Then iloveme is the app for you!

With iloveme you actively work on your own health, where and when you want. You learn what you can and shouldn't do to feel happy again. Get motivated by seeing your improvements. With iloveme you do not have to do it alone, we are there to do it with you!

  • Privacy guaranteed
  • Easy to use when and where you want
  • Reliable information from experts
  • Full with useful tips and tricks

iloveme is looking for coaches

iloveme offers coaches the possibility to get listed in the app by creating a profile and filling in the fields of expertise. The user can search for a specific coach, in a certain area or with a specific proficiency and iloveme will show an overview of all coaches in a 20-kilometre radius. Through the app the user can easily make the first contact, with one push of the button. Iloveme hopes this will break down the barriers people have to ask for help, as well as create an opportunity for coaches to help more clients.

Are you interested? Please contact us through the contact form on our website.

I follow iloveme on facebook and the articles always come exactly at the right time when I need them. I can't wait for the app to be launched!

Marie Klaver
Customer Relationship Manager

I am very active on Instagram and Pinterest, and the pictures form iloveme always inspire me and make me feel a little better.

Lisa Peters

I have been depressed and just finished my treatment. The articles on iloveme help me to stay positive and to keep working actively on my own health.

Jan Bakker

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